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2010 October 18 • Monday

The 135th Soundtrack of the Week is Giant Space Monster Girara (a.k.a. The X from Outer Space), music by Taku Izumi.

It begins with a somewhat drunken and swinging theme song, performed by male chorus and big band. Then there are some instrumental versions, with interesting use of electric violin, slide whistle, harp, organ and something that might be a clavinet.

After this there are a few more jazz/lounge-type tracks, and then more dramatic underscore. It's a bit reminscent of some of the Godzilla scores, particularly in its occasional use of groovy, tribal-sounding percussion mixed with organ stings. There's also a lot of great harpsichord, vibes and harp playing, which I always like to hear.

There's a very nice song, "Ballad of the Moon and Stars", sung by a female vocalist with impeccable support from the Girara ensemble (harp and the thing that might be a clavinet, and others).

After this there are more Godzilla-sounding cues, Ifukube-esque piano rumblngs, agitated strings, lone flute statements and heavy statements from brass and percussion. There are some brilliantly atmospheric and moody sections, too, with Herrmannesque arpeggios.