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2010 October 13 • Wednesday

That's the first panel of one of Eddie Campbell's autobiographical comics. We never find out what the beginning of that conversation was. It's been on my mind for almost a year now.

You can find that story and much more in Alec: "The Years Have Pants", a large collection of almost all of Campbell's autobiographical comics. It came out last year.

Eddie Campbell is one of the greatest writers and artists working today. My favorite stuff of his is his autobiographical work, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to have this new Alec book. It includes How To Be an Artist, possibly my favorite autobiographical comic of all time, in which Campbell tells his story in the second person, future tense.

There's a lot of other really great material in the omnibus, including several pieces I had never read before, even though I've been buying Campbell's Alec comics for a long time.

An omnibus of his Bacchus comics is supposed to come out soon, I think. Keep an eye out for it!